Voice solutions for retail traffic

Global voice coverage. Complete from A to NZ.

Renew your international voice offering with TNZI. Keep pace with retail competitors and reduce the impact of origin-based surcharges.

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Turn market change
into business opportunity

Change is opportunity. With TNZI you are empowered to evolve your retail voice offering and meet the needs of today’s hyper-connected customers.

As a global leader in international voice routing, we can help you keep pace with new technologies and transform your retail voice offering.

Stay focused on growing your business. We take care of carrier connectivity, quality assurance and origin-based routing. It's international voice, without the complexity.

Renew your international voice offering

Leverage TNZI’s global reach, specialist expertise and 30+ years of experience

A-Z coverage

Connect customers worldwide across mobile, roaming and fixed networks.

Origin based routing

Automatic country of origin routing delivers the best possible cost for your traffic profile.

High quality

Make quality your point of difference. TNZI selects stable, direct-to-carrier routes to help you optimise caller experience.

Revenue protection

Advanced traffic monitoring systems help you reduce the impact of toll fraud.

CLI & routing

Support CLI pass-through and roaming for mobile destinations.

24x7 monitoring

Global PoPs and international voice routes are monitored in real-time by our GNOC (Global Network Operations Center).

Your global backbone for high quality calling

Stay in step with changing retail expectations. Deliver high quality international calling and roaming to meet the needs of today’s market.

24x7x365 global network monitoring

Direct and bi-lateral routes

Stable, trusted routing partners

Proactive fault management

ASR and NER quality benchmarks

Flexible delivery options

TNZI offers two proven approaches to help you control costs and better manage international retail traffic.

Managed voice

Let TNZI take on the complexity of managing international retail traffic.

Our expert team help you stay on top of complex pricing and routing parameters, like origin-based surcharges.

We can handle full A-Z, or just a single region, meeting agreed quality and margin targets while reducing your operational bottlenecks.

A-Z routing

Empower your in-house voice routing teams to actively trade and swap retail traffic, using TNZI as your primary voice provider.

Stay in control of your traffic while leveraging our network to achieve the best price and quality.

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Renew your international voice offering with us

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