TNZI is now Symbio

Symbio (ASX:SYM) is a software company changing the way the world communicates. Read more on our Symbio Website.

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What can we do for you?

TNZI helps communication service providers to connect their customers across nations, devices and networks.

Global voice solutions

We provide different international voice services, tailored to your traffic profile.

Retail traffic

Renew and simplify your
international voice offering.

Enterprise traffic

Route enterprise voice traffic
correctly and consistently.

Wholesale traffic

Reliable and affordable call
completion with A-Z coverage.

APAC specialty services

Connect more customers and unlock new growth markets in Asia-Pacific.

Phone numbers

Expand your phone number inventory in Asia-Pacifc.

A2P messaging

Provide high quality A2P SMS termination in New Zealand.

TNZI is an Asia-Pacific communication specialist

Our local expertise gives you a home ground advantage. Operating in Asia and the Pacific for more than 30 years, you can trust TNZI’s reach, relationships and specialist experience.

Scale up with TNZI

Discover how your business can compete, and win, in today's market.

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