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Enterprise traffic profiles are not easily understood by wholesale suppliers. With TNZI, it’s different. Our unique pre-qualified routes ensure your traffic is accepted in more regions.

Wide coverage

Available for major destinations in Asia-Pacific and Europe  - new destinations added regularly.

CLI guaranteed

Caller Line Identification is preserved and delivered in domestic format where possible.


Your calling scenario is pre-qualified with each local network to ensure suitable handling.

24x7 support

Global voice routes are monitored 24x7x365 to ensure correct routing and delivery.

Quality routes

Voice traffic is terminated to direct-to-carrier where possible for higher quality and reliability.

Call features

In many regions we can support DTMF, fax and termination with privacy flag.

How it works

Traffic profiling

We pre-qualify retail networks to carry your traffic, leveraging our global connectivity and Tier 1 carrier relationships.

Partner selection

You send your enterprise traffic to TNZI. We ensure your enterprise calling scenario is expected and accepted.

Global routing

Our team ensures that your traffic is routed correctly and consistently, via pre-qualified partners in each region.

Who benefits from global enterprise routing?

TNZI helps you provide high quality voice services to global enterprise. Typical use cases include:

UC & Contact Center

Support domestic-to-domestic calls, such as between global offices, where calls are routed via international trunks.


Ensure delivery of short duration traffic, such as for one-time password (voice OTP) and flash call verification.

Dial in conferencing

Allow high-volume calling via a single ‘A’ number that is being used as a conference bridge.

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