TollShield - Fraud Mitigation


TollShield is the only SaaS Toll Fraud Mitigation Platform for global CSPs and ITSPs.

Detect and block toll fraud in real time once detected

TollShield uses award winning technology to intelligently monitor your network, detect unusual traffic and enable rapid response to fraudulent calls. It gives you the time and information you need, just when you need it. So you can stop fraudulent activity within minutes of being detected.

By immediately reducing the hidden cost of toll fraud, TollShield creates savings that flow directly to your bottom line. So you can directly enhance the profitability of your network operations.


Scalable, zero-footprint SaaS

TollShield has an industry-leading SaaS design, enabling CSPs to quickly deploy, centrally manage and rapidly scale fraud protection. The TollShield platform can be deployed over multiple networks and will automatically detect unusual call traffic across billions of calls.

TollShield is an innovative and proven SaaS fraud mitigation platform, rigorously tested to meet the needs of international CSPs and their customers.

TollShield toll fraud mitigation | TNZI

Proactively monitor, detect and block international toll fraud