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International voice termination - Connect voice suite - TNZI

TNZI enables service providers to terminate international call traffic through our aggregated global network. Call termination is available with a range of routing options, measured against defined quality benchmarks.


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TNZI Connect global voice services suite


Competitive price

The Connect Voice Suite offers simple gradiated pricing, allowing you to choose the international routing option that matches your budget and requirements.


Benchmarked quality

All TNZI international voice traffic is actively managed in accordance with industry-defined quality benchmarks, including ASR and NER.


Global CLI delivery

TNZI can provide CLI pass-through when terminating calls to international destinations or mobile roaming services. (Contact us for availability).



A-Z international call termination


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Standard features


Premium service and support from TNZI


Robust support & SLAs

You have the assurance that every dealing is backed by our industry-standard Service Level Agreements. Moreover, we maintain expert technical and service support teams 24 x 7 x 365. There is no waiting, whatever your time zone.


Online reporting for TNZI international voice services


User-friendly online reporting

All TNZI customers have access to online reports, providing transparency and accountability on key performance indicators. Our online portal gives you easy access to Call Data Records (CDRs), quality reporting, pricing, billing and traffic information. 




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