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Give your customers a local identity in Asia-Pacific

Expand your phone number inventory. Access fixed, mobile and toll-free numbers. Coverage available in selected Asia-Pacific regions.

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Why choose us for cloud numbers?

TNZI is your gateway into the fast-growing markets of South East Asia and the Pacific.


Access local, mobile and toll-free numbers in major Asia-Pacific regions.

Single relationship

TNZI can be your partner for number sourcing, porting and international voice.


Move numbers off legacy networks. Portability is supported in selected regions.


Control where calls get answered. Route calls to answer points worldwide.

Voice & SMS ready

Virtual mobile numbers are available in selected regions. One number for both SMS and calling.

Business agility

Access local numbers without needing your own local infrastructure or porting agreements.

Available number types

Expand your business into new markets with local geographic, mobile and toll-free numbers. Find out which is right for you.

Local geographic numbers

Geographic (fixed line) numbers within a specified city or region. Available in major APAC countries. Inbound calls can be routed to any answer point, worldwide.

Virtual mobile numbers

Virtual mobile (cellular) phone numbers operate without a SIM. Virtual mobile numbers can support two-way calling and SMS in a specific country. Available in selected APAC regions.

Toll free numbers

International Freephone Services (IFS/ITFS) can be dialled at no charge within a specific country. TNZI provides IFS numbers in Australia (1800) and New Zealand (0800/0508). Inbound calls can be routed to any answer point, worldwide.

Shared cost numbers

Shared cost numbers (13, 1300) can be dialled at reduced cost from Australian phone services. Shared cost numbers are commonly used by Australian small business and enterprise. Inbound calls can be routed to any answer point, worldwide.

Domestic network coverage

Numbers are delivered via our sister company and domestic network owner, Symbio, giving you unrivalled quality and control.


Local geographic

Toll Free (1800)

Shared cost (13/1300)

Porting available

New Zealand

Local geographic

Toll Free (0800/0508)

Porting available


Local (L3/L6)

Porting available (L6)

Partner network coverage

Numbers are allocated via trusted Tier 1 partners, giving you scale and agility.


Local geographic

Virtual mobile


Local geographic

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