A new year for a new TNZI

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It's shaping up to be an exciting year for us at TNZI, following on from the busy time we’ve had in 2015 as a result of our sale by Spark New Zealand to the MNF Group. We’ve restructured our business, changed some people’s roles and brought in some new members of the team, including some internal promotions.

This week we have also moved into new offices in Wellington. Our new office location is Level 7, 13-37 Manners St, Wellington. All our phone and e-mail contacts remain unchanged.

We’ve started work on enhancements to our network and on bringing the innovative product capability from the wider MNF Group to TNZI.

Therefore, we thought we’d bring you up-to-date with our changes. If you’d like to know more, please feel free to get in touch.

Kind regards,

Tim Dunning
President, TNZI

Meet the TNZI Management Team

There are plenty of familiar faces in the TNZI management team lending their expertise and experience, and a few newer staff to bring in fresh ideas and perspectives.


Tim Dunning, President

Tim heads the global TNZI business unit and is tasked with supporting and developing the growth of the international business for the MNF Group. Initially, this will involve maintaining and growing the legacy TNZI voice business, and also executing the future strategy of establishing and growing new revenue streams in the managed services and software-as-a-service areas. The sales team handling our Connect suite of voice termination products is also reporting to Tim. Having been at TNZI since 2003, Tim has a wealth of experience in the international voice business.

In his free time, Tim enjoys spending time in the outdoors skiing, hiking and trail-running.

Andrew Tierney, Senior Vice President, Emerging Markets

Andrew will be focusing on business development and taking the new products from the MNF Group to our global customers. Andrew has an extensive background in international telecommunications and extensive relationships within the industry.

Away from the office, Andrew is a keen sports photographer and occasionally gets behind the wheel of a race car.


Cary Schultz, Senior Vice President, Next Generation Services

Cary will be responsible for building a team to drive the future growth of MNF Group managed service products on the international stage. Last year, Cary moved to the TNZI team in Wellington after seven years working in Sydney for our sister company Symbio.

In Cary’s free time, he spends most of his time with his young family and exploring the new country he resides in.

Mark Ducker, Senior Vice President, Carrier Services

Mark is responsible for managing the Carrier Services sales team and growing the TNZI voice business. Having worked at TNZI since 2008 in a range of roles he has developed a strong understanding of the international voice market.

Outside of work, Mark enjoys sports, running and spending time with his family.


Peter Rodgers, Manager, Products and Process

Peter is responsible for the management of our growing product suite, which includes management of our routing team. Peter brings a wealth of experience to the role with some 26 years of telco experience in various roles at TNZI.

Peter’s interests include photography, basketball refereeing, model aircraft and aviation.

Clint Davis, Manager, Global Platform & Networks

Clint is responsible for our systems and networks and supports the technical teams who build and maintain them. Clint has been with TNZI for 20 years, in a variety of roles.

Outside work, he enjoys travel, family time and gardening.


Barry Cathro, Manager, Global Network Operations Centre

Barry has been with TNZI for eight years and is keen to engage in the next evolution from ISSC to GNOC.

Outside of work he embraces his inner nerd with war gaming and enjoys domestic travel as New Zealand still has a lot of locales to explore.

Kate Denton, International Finance Manager

Kate joined TNZI in July 2015 to head our finance team, after returning to New Zealand from a stint working in London, where she worked as a finance manager at an IT firm.

Kate spends her spare time cycling and doing yoga. Over the past few years she’s really enjoyed travelling and dancing but is focusing on enjoying the New Zealand outdoors now that she is back home.



As from 1 April, TNZI’s International Services Support Centre (ISSC) will be renamed the Global Networks Operations Centre (GNOC), under the management of Barry Cathro.

This new name reflects the expansion of the role of the ISSC to provide network operations centre capability for the entire MNF Group. The GNOC team now provides unified global support for our entire global and domestic customer base, and first-level network infrastructure management. And it's growing - we have recruited additional staff to support the new functions of the team.

They will have a new e-mail address but the phone and fax numbers remain unchanged. Please pass these details on to the appropriate people within your company.

Phone: +64 4 473 7195
Fax: +64 4 473 1563

Expanding Product Suite

The new TNZI product suite combines the global voice business that has been TNZI’s focus for 20 years with the managed services and software-as-a-service offerings from the MNF Group, which TNZI are taking to the global market.

In addition to the following products, we are also working on some new initiatives in the future!

TNZI Connect Voice Suite  
Connect Voice suite

The Connect voice suite remains our core business – with our more than 200 customer/vendor relationships worldwide providing world-class routing options and allowing us to offer three voice termination products that suit various markets and customer needs:

Retail Connect – Provides consistent high-quality routing to mobile and fixed destinations.
Carrier Connect – Offers the optimal balance of price and quality for international voice services to mobile and fixed destinations.
Direct Connect – Delivers the benefits of direct voice routing.

TNZI Freephone and Geographic Local Numbers  
Freephone and local geographic numbers (DIDs)

As well as our existing service offering international freephone number access from Australia and New Zealand, TNZI will be using the MNF Group’s capabilities to add local geographic number access (also known as DIDs) from Australia and New Zealand to our product suite.

Toll Fraud protection with TollShield  
TollShield toll fraud mitigation

TollShield was developed within the MNF Group and uses patent pending technology to intelligently monitor networks, in order to detect suspicious traffic and enable rapid response to fraudulent calls.

iBoss service aggregation & BSS/OSS  
iBoss aggregation & BSS/OSS

iBoss is cloud-based BSS/OSS software to streamline and simplify telco aggregation, billing and operations. The platform can be enhanced with specific business functionality to assist all manner of tasks: including operations, provisioning, marketing and CRM.


We also have other developments planned and we’ll let you know more about those later.

More information on our products is available at, or via your TNZI account manager.



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Toll Fraud Mitigation Platform

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