iBoss - Aggregation & Billing


iBoss is a complete cloud-based BSS / OSS for the telecommunications industry.

Sell market-ready communication services

The iBoss platform aggregates communication services through integration with major Carriage Service Providers in the Australia-New Zealand region. So you can simplify and streamline the process of developing a viable carriage agreement. iBoss makes it easy to sell fixed Voice (PSTN and VoIP), broadband (DSL and 'naked' ULL) and Data services into the business or residential markets.


Simplify billing, provisioning and more

The iBoss platform is purpose-built to handle the complex billing and rigorous credit control required to be successful in the telecommunications industry. And billing is just the start. The iBoss platform can be enhanced with specific business functionality to assist all manner of tasks: including operations, provisioning, marketing and CRM. 

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