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Access freephone, shared-cost and geographic local numbers in Australia and New Zealand.

Enable inbound calls from Australia and New Zealand

Build on your existing numbering capability with Australian and New Zealand freephone number and local geographic number services from TNZI. These services allow inbound calls to local numbers  - from fixed lines, mobiles and payphones - to be seamlessly delivered to global destinations. 


Freephone numbers choice of formats

In Australia, you can choose from freephone numbers with the 1800 prefix or shared-cost (or local rate) numbers with the 1300 prefix. In New Zealand, we offer access via freephone numbers with the 0800 and 0508 prefixes or Universal International Freephone Numbers.


Local numbers for local presence

A caller in Australia or New Zealand can call a local number, for the cost of a local call, but the call can be answered in any other country. Offer your customers a point of difference by making it easy for end-users to contact them. They can have a ‘local’ presence – without investing in physical in-country presence.


Exceptional service and reach

TNZI makes it easy to set up a freephone number service or local number service from Australia or New Zealand. We strive to achieve the fastest possible provisioning time. We proactively manage any faults that might occur. And we can deliver inbound calls to countries around the world through an interconnect at one of our global points of presence. From service set-up to call delivery, we're with you every step of the way.

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