Capabilities map

At TNZI, we offer you access to a proven global network of direct cable and satellite routes:

  • 200+ interconnects with reputable and professional carriers and alliance partners.
  • Access to many newly deregulated markets.
  • Fully owned points of presence in London, Los Angeles, Sydney, and Auckland; assuring direct control of key worldwide traffic gateways. We have direct access points to our network in Frankfurt, Singapore, New York, and Hong Kong.  We can arrange access from almost anywhere on the globe.
  • Support for both IP and TDM interconnection.

We are committed to providing a quality international network which is designed to deliver service excellence - for your current and future requirements.

Switching network

Our switching network is architected using the latest technology in softswitching and routers to provide highly available, secure and flexible switching platforms, ensuring optimum performance for voice and signalling services. Our softswitch provides for IP and TDM interconnections, interfacing with international and national signalling protocols, support for transcoding and fraud monitoring.

Network resilience

Our network architecture is very resilient, including: dual landing stations; dual path of core cable infrastructure, carrier grade housing of core network platforms; and resilient node design including routers with dual power supplies.