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At TNZI, we offer you access to a proven global network of direct cable and satellite routes:

  • 200+ interconnects with reputable and professional carriers and alliance partners
  • Access to many newly deregulated markets
  • Fully owned points of presence in London, Los Angeles, San Jose, Sydney, and Auckland; assuring direct control of key worldwide traffic gateways. We have direct access points to our network in Frankfurt, Singapore, New York, and Hong Kong.  We can arrange access from almost anywhere on the globe.

We are committed to providing a quality international network which is designed to deliver service excellence - for your current and future requirements.

Southern Cross Cable network
Network routers
International partnerships
Network resilience

Southern Cross Cable network

A significant part of our international data network is the Southern Cross Cable. We helped initiate and develop this powerful cable system and remain one of its three owners. With ownership of this network we can be highly responsive to your growing data needs.

  • The network provides the fastest, most direct and secure bandwidth from Australia, New Zealand and the US.
  • The network is robust and protected. There are 28,900 km of submarine cable, including 500 optical repeaters to boost signals; and 1600 km of terrestrial cable.
  • There are nine cable stations (two in Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and the US; one in Fiji) and an access point in San Jose, California.
  • Between Sydney and Hawaii the two network cables contain six optical fibres (3 fibre pairs, each capable of providing 160 Gbit/s). Between Hawaii and the US West Coast they contain eight fibres (4 fibre pairs).

We also have ownership of several other cable systems to increase the reach and robustness of our service offerings. (Please see map above for more details.)

Network routers

To support world class network performance we have deployed carrier-grade routers across our core network. They deliver:

  • Carrier-class routing with wire-speed performance
  • Comprehensive subscriber management and IP service support
  • Sophisticated, dynamic quality of service implementation optimised for multiplay service delivery to business and residential customers
  • Consistent services with a single image across all platforms and policy-based control via seamless integration with the Session and Resource Control portfolio
  • Our Routers are capable of supporting a range of access speeds and connectivity platforms: DS-3 up to STM-16; Ethernet or Frame.

International partnerships

Our extensive arrangements with global partners provide high quality local, regional and global connectivity. This includes: collocation of routers in key internet exchanges; established peering arrangements within the New Zealand, Australia, Asia and US markets; and transit agreements with Tier 1 providers in Asia, Australia and the US.

Network resilience

Our network architecture is very resilient, including: dual landing stations; dual path of core cable infrastructure, carrier grade housing of core network platforms; and resilient node design including routers with dual power supplies.